Hack Gmail/ Yahoo /Facebook Password by brute force attack using Hydra - Backtrack

Hack Gmail/ Yahoo /Facebook Password by brute force attack using Hydra - Backtrack

hi folks. Here I'm sharing another trick for noobs on How to easily hack someone's Gmail or Yahoo Password as many peoples ask me about it everyday. If you're new here then you can take a look at my previous article How to hack Gmail/Facebook Password. As me a lazy blogger also haven't posted anything on Backtrack for a long time so just thought to bind these two in a single article.
Now, if you're still using Backtrack R2 then upgrade it to R3 take a look here as me still using R2 :'( due to low bandwidth.
Additionally if you're a beginner with Backtrack then first few previous articles are highly recommended on LINUX
Alright, Lets get start..

First, lets take a quick overview about what we're going to do here. We'll apply different passwords on the target's Gmail id from a password list using Hydra which is available with Backtrack. That's why I still love it. :) It'll easily get back the password on successful login.

  • password.txt file with a list of expected passwords, Either write your own or get one from here
  • Backtrack 5 (any version)
  • Internet Connection
Lets Hack something for real,

Turn on your Backtrack machine :P
Navigate to Applications > Backtrack > Privilege Escalation > Password Attacks > Online Attacks > hydra-gtk and launch the hydra tool
Now, under the Target tab set following parameters

Single target > smtp.gmail.com
port > 465
Protocol > smtp
and check > use SSL, show attempts and Be Verbose

Click on Password tab, set these parameters

Username > target email address
Password List > select the Password.txt file
check the option > try Login as password

Now move to start tab and click on start button at the bottom to begin the attack.
If everything goes well, then you'll get the password.

Note: Using a brute force attack from a Password list will never guarantee any successful result it depends how lucky you're. Hacking someones account without their permission is a crime so do use at your own risk. I'm not at all responsible in case you get your ass behind the bars.

Happy Hacking. :)


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