Best Facebook Account Hacking Tricks 2016 – Security Tips

Best Facebook Account Hacking Tricks 2016 – Security Tips

Here is discussion on Facebook account security tips and methods by which someone can hack into your Facebook account. And guide that help you to keep in mind some important factors that are responsible of Facebook hacking. For that you must read the complete post and get aware of FB Hacking Tricks.


Mainly its because of three reason with hackers can hack Facebook Account that are:-
1.Virus or Keylogger.
2.Phishing Attack.
3.Guessing your security answers.

1.A Virus/Keylogger 

We can have our account hacked,if your computer/mobile device have a virus.A virus/keylogger will record all the keystrokes,even your passwords when you type and then it will send it to hacker.And then the hacker can access your account and will use it for the wrongful purposes.
A virus can also hack your browser,getting the cookies and remembered passwords from it and use those cookies for hacking your account.

2. Phishing Attack To Hack Facebook Account

A hacker will create a similar page like facebook,which appear exactly like facebook by looks and when you login on that page it will then forward your credentials to the hacker.

3..By Guessing – 

Its not necessary that its always the hacker from outside,sometimes it could be an inside job.
Sometimes,it could be your friends/family – backstabbing you!! :'(
They can simply select the option “Forgot Your Password” on facebook account or email and try to access your account through answering the security questions as they are your friends/family they can easily guess those security questions.Most of the time,people don’t choose to have complex question & answers.Sometimes,people choose it as simple as –
  • Whats your phone number?
  • Whats your parents name?
  • Whats your favourite food?
And these type of passwords are easily guessed since they know you so well.
If this process doesn’t work on facebook account,then they may also try this process on your email account or on your recovery email account
So always remember to choose the complex & strong password on all of your accounts.

Prevention For Safe Your Account To Be Hacked By Hackers

Steps to prevent our account from getting hacked?
Follow these procedures to securing your account :
1.A Good ANTIVIRUS – You should always have a good Antivirus Program installed on your computer & on your mobile device to protect you against the threats & viruses.
My top recommendations would be –
Click on the Software Name to download it from their website’s.
2.Beware of the Links –
People always clicks links very carelessly,the links you click may be phishing page and when you login please make sure you are logging on official facebook site.Check the URL that its not something like this –,www.face– etc!!
3.Always Remember to Choose Strong Security Answers.
Choose a good security question,Make sure to choose the opposite answer of the question.
Example –
Q:Whose your favourite villain?
A:Instead of using a villain name,use a superhero name – that you love or hates the most.
In this way you will remember it easily!!
Read all steps and prevent your Facebook being Hacked By Hackers..


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